Why Skybeam?

The things we do to live and make a living traps an ever-growing amount of carbon (CO2) in the air that sustains us. The resulting heating of our planet is becoming an increasing danger to all of us.

Governments are powerless to stop this growing threat. Political leaders are unable to take responsibility. They must blame others to get re-elected. It is up to us as individuals to take responsibility for our lives and those of our children.

We can dramatically reduce the amount of carbon we produce by making our homes more energy efficient through upgrades to our windows, roofs, insulation and air-conditioning. We can reduce the carbon our homes produce to near zero by installing solar to generate that electricity.

Houses put a lot more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than cars and trucks; about 15,000 lbs. per house per year. Imagine 100 people cutting their homes’ carbon emissions to zero. That would be a reduction of 1.5 million lbs. per year.

It takes 3 people in a 100 to start a movement. Each of us can help change the world by finding two more people to join in. It is up to us. We can do this!