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 Good Cents Advantage

 Power stays on when the grid goes down Plus BIG SAVINGS on your electric bill


Cut the number of solar panels you need by 40%,

Guaranteed purchasing from the grid at off-peak rates, with average savings on your electric bill of 90%.

Maximized power from solar and battery storage when the grid is down.

Savings on your electric bill exceeding finance payments.

100% financing with zero down payment.

The Good Cents Advantage combines the installation of many less solar PV panels and storage batteries with being able to purchase any electricity needed from the grid at off-peak electric rates. Because batteries are included, the home will be able to use the solar panels when the grid is down.

Solar panels are able to provide power to the house only when the grid is up and running. Because of net metering, excess power can be sent to the grid for credit. During a power outage, solar panels must become inoperative so that they don’t accidentally send power to the grid and injure a lineman who is making repairs. Solar is allowed to continue providing power during outages only when that power can flow to home storage batteries.

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