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The GOOD CENTS Advantage

Home + Pool 

Huge Electricity Savings 

Plus Power When the Grid Goes Down


heat and cool

home and pool

  • Warm water when the weather’s cool
  • Cool water when it’s hot
  • Eliminate home and pool heating costs

battery storage

  • Electricity on hand for all of your energy needs
  • Refillable from solar or the grid at off-peak rates
  • No more worrying about power outages


Solar Panels

Storage Batteries

Solar pool heating

hot water heat pumps

hurricane impact windows

Solar Household hot water

Good Cents Solar brings to homeowners the expertise of several long-established companies making houses and pools more energy efficient.

Our specialties are installing solar panels and batteries that produce and store electricity for use in homes and also installing pumps that heat and filter water for swimming pools. We enable homeowners to reduce their home and swimming pool electric bills by 95% and to continue having power when the grid goes down.

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